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  • 17. Minced Chicken Salad (Larb Gal)
    Traditional Thai salad with minced chicken, Thai herbs, coriander and mixed with fresh lime juice, fish sauce, ground roasted rice and chilli dressing.
  • 18. Vermicelli Salad (Yum Woon-Sen)
    Vermicelli noodles with tiger prawns and minced chicken mixed with coriander , shallot, fresh herbs and served with a chilli and lemon dressing.
  • 19. Thai style salad (Yum)
    Thai salad with shallot, red peppers, coriander and mixed with fresh lime juice, fish sauce and chilli. Please select Chicken, Beef or Prawns
  • 20. Plah Goong
    Tiger prawns with lemon grass, raw mango, green apple, cashew nuts and mixed with chilli oil, fish sauce, lime juice and Thai herbs.
  • 21. Thai Vegetables Salad (Som Tum Thai)
    A famous raw salad with carrots, white cabbage, long green beans, tomatoes and ground peanuts, seasoned with fresh lime juice and spicy chilli sauce.
  • 22. Green salad (Salad Kag)
    Thai style salad topped with egg and deep-fried bean curd served with peanut sauce.